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Composicad Gold, Silver and Bronze packages generate patterns for parts called Figures of Revolution. These are the most common filament wound parts: pipes, tanks, vessels, nozzles, cones, etc. Composicad Iron and Titanium generate patterns for non-symmetric shapes such as elbows and ducts and for non-round cross sections such as spars. Composicad Stone is for fiber placement applications: pipes and flat panels.

Does ComposicaD generate patterns for my part?

Composicad focuses on the whole part, making it very easy to generate and maintain winding patterns. Composicad generates the most accurate and the fastest winding patterns.

How is ComposicaD Metal different than other software for filament winding?

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Composicad can generate output for any kind of CNC controlled filament winding machine.

Will ComposicaD Metal work with my winding machine?

Composicad Silver uses parametric modeling, automatic lamina thickness generation and simple transition patterns for quick, comprehensive pattern generation for pressure vessels. Many other features focus on facilitating easy pattern generation for this most common filament wound shape.

Why is ComposicaD Silver the best software for pressure vessels?

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