ComposicaD - Ultimate Filament Winding

The ComposicaD™ Demo is a working version of ComposicaD Metal Silver Package (Pipe, Vessels and Tanks) without the capability to save the output files and limited to 3 paths (patterns) and 1 material. It requires Windows XP or higher operating system.

Please fill in and submit the form to request a demo version of
ComposicaD. The ComposicaD Demo is available only to qualified companies and individuals. All fields must be filled.

First: Last:
Job Title:
Company web site:
City: State/Province:
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Phone: Include country code
Primary Products:
Number of filament winding machines:
  Magnum Venus Plastech
  Bolenz & Schaefer - BSD - EHA Composite Machinery GmbH
  Waltritsch & Wachter
   McClean Anderson
  Entec Composite Machines, Engineering Technology, Composite Machines Co.
Number of Filament Wound parts produced per year:
I currently use Fiber Placement Equipment or I anticipate purchasing such equipment in the next two years.
What kind of equipment / software do you use (anticipate using):
I am interested in the following types of products:
  Pipe Tanks or Vessels Figures of Revolution (Axisymmetric)
  Elbows / Tees  Spars   Ducts   Other Non-symmetric F/W
  2D (Flat) Fiber Placement  3D Fiber Placement

I currently own / use the following software to make winding patterns:
  Fibergrafix (Entec Composite Machines)
  Cadwind (Material)
  Cadfil (Crescent Consultants)
  CNC-Generator (BSD / EHA)
  Composite Designer (McClean Anderson)


All fields are required. If you qualify, we will email you with information about how to download the demo software. The Demo Version of ComposicaD is available only to qualified companies and individuals.

The Demo Version of ComposicaD™ is furnished under license to a single user and may not be reproduced, redistributed or given to other parties and may not be used by parties other than the original licensed user. By requesting a Demo Version of ComposicaD you agree to the terms and conditions of the ComposicaD License Agreement and you agree to allow representatives of Composicad to contact you.


Ultimate Filament Winding

Ultimate Fiber Placement















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